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Shanghai Neosun Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was located in Shanghai International Medical Zone. The company built the integrated services with generic medicines services, new drugs R&D services, pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates production services and reference standards production services. We have a professional research team of 15 highly qualified and experienced chemists. 70% of our R&D team are doctoral and Master. The experience of leading R&D members is more than 15 years, and we engaged in studying on cardiovascular and psychotropic drugs. We have established long-term cooperation with Fudan University, Dohua University and Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry(SIPI).


Our R&D center covers an area of 600 square meters, with synthesis labs,analytical labs and preparation labs. Our established factory and manufacturing site is located in Jiangsu province. The site is equipped with all kinds of reactors, so we can offer one-step services from R&D to commercial production,including customized production and process technology service.


We make efforts to promote a climate of innovation and Sincerity, and open dialogue among our clients. We seek to understand the critical needs of our clients and to help creating a sense of partnership among all. We believe that we will be New Star in near future with your kind support and our mutual efforts.


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